07 October, 2009

It's been a long time coming....

Well, it's been around 6 months since I last made any postings here and I do have lots to tell - including, most importantly, the acquisition of a second Burgie into the bike stable at chez Farqhuar.

Yes, my original Burgie is looking a little forlorn as she hasn't been the unanimous recipient of my motorcycle care and attention - however, she is getting plenty of attention again right now as she is in a multitude of pieces whilst I rebuild the CVT. :(

Yes, it's a long story and one which I will soon be telling.

In summary, though, here is a brief rundown of what's been happening in my life, riding wise.

Early March 2009 - Kimie and I headed down South to Tasmania on the Burgie for a very enjoyable week of riding, trekking, visiting tourist sights and sounds, and taking it easy. One key problem we had was Kimie's propensity to fall asleep on the back of the Burgie - it's obviously a wee bit too comfortable.

Mid- March 2009 - Attended the annual HUBB (Horizons Unlimited) rally at Mitta Mitta, where I gave a short talk on last year's journey on the Burgman.

There were various daytrips including a run up to the top of Mt Benambra along some very rough, steep and narrow tracks - below is a view looking down from the fire look-out tower, then heading back downhill.

The ride home was great fun too, chasing cattle across the top of Falls Creek ski resort.,

April 2009 - Easter - 4 days in the Flinder's ranges camping at Rawnsley Park just outside of Wilpena Pound

Mid April - acquired a late model Burgie for John who generously hosted me in Daegu - and stored her in my garage awaiting his arrival in August

Late April - spent a week in the Philippines on business and rode down to Lake Taal from Tagaytay on the back of a Honda cub ridden by a local rider

Then went on to Malysia where I caught the bloody swine flu before coming home to spend a week in bed, lose another 5 kilos and take a further 2 months to shake-off the opportunistic asthma I contracted.

May - decided to add another big bike to the stable, in this instance a Honda ST1100 but alas, she won't be staying.

June - on the day before my birthday I found a bargain basement late model Burgie for sale which I could not say no to. Yes, there was a reason it was bargain basement which I will go into later.

July / August - tearing down and rebuilding the new Burgie and testing using parts from the original Burgie, with some unfortunate consequences for the original Burgie.

August - John came and collected his new Burgie before his marathon ride back to the Gold Coast

September - the new Burgie is on the road and time for a bit of fun - helmet wise. Yes, that is my Honda CT110 postie bike on the right of the picture.

October - rebuilding the original Burgie in preparation for the end of the month ride to Bathurst and then on to the Birdsville track for a little more bush bashing.

.....full details to come later....