08 May, 2008

On the road Day 4 - Thursday 1 May. Chongqing to Wanyuan

Chongqing to Wanyuan - 450km.

I was dreading finding my way out of Gongqing back on to the 210 North. Unable to read any local signs (and with battery flat in my GPS) I chose to navigate by the sun knowing that I needed to head NNW. Amazingly enough 1.5 hours of zigzagging later later, and when I was ready to give up I saw a sign saying 210 with an expressway picture and a diagonal bar across it.

It was then afairly uneventful, but exciting ride along the river valleys to Wanyuang apart from lots of road work and lots of diesel trucks belching black smoke.

On checking into my hotel I looked in the mirror and realised why the hotel owner looked at me with trepidation. My face was almost black with dirt and my once blue jeans were now gray/brown with dust and diesel fumes!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Sounds like you are having a blast mate.... keep on keeping on...;)