19 June, 2008

Russian hospitality.

Today, I am in beautiful downtown Krasnoyarsk enjoying the hospitality of Dmitri, Marina, family and friends.

After the two day ride from Irkutsk, where I met a second black Russian (on a Yamaha 600)

.... and two Germans on BMWs (poor bastards!) outside a roadside shashlik restaurant .

I arrived at 9.30pm in Krasnoyarsk and immediately called Dmitri who arrived shortly thereafter with a group of fellow Krasnoyarsk bikers in tow.

After a tour of town we settled back at Marina's parents home around 2am for an evening of Vodka and local delicacies.

Little sleep was had but I woke to meet Marina's parents and friend who treated me as if I was a long lost family member.

Now it's time to prepare for the next step - the journey to Kazakhstan - I have a tight deadline to meet and need to be on the road to get through Kazakhstan before my visa expires at the end of June.