29 June, 2011

Why a Burgman of all bikes?

Whenever I meet fellow riders in my travels a lot of them ask me why I ride a Burgman and not a bike that is more off-road oriented. Well the reality is that all bikes are a compromise, but as  75-90% of my riding on any particular trip is done on the road, I want a compromise bike that is going to work for me in the majority of riding conditions.

So in summary, this is why the Burgman is the right bike for me

I like the fact that it has a nice long, wide and comfortable seat and I don’t have to compromise with a narrow one
• I like the fact that it offers multiple foot positions so I can shift my body weight to maintain comfort during long days in the saddle
• I like the fact that it is low to the ground and I can put my feet down to help when the track gets tricky
• I like the fact that it has a large fairing and windscreen to keep the wind off my body – much less tiring and much warmer
• I like the fact that the motor is covered and I am insulated from the noise and the heat
• I like the fact that the motor and CoG is down low which makes the bike easier to transition in turns and more stable in rough road conditions
• I like the fact that the motor is twin cylinder and doesn’t vibrate, so I can enjoy those high speed long distance highway stretches without exhaustion and discomfort
• I like the fact that it has an automatic clutch so that in sand/mud conditions I can focus on steering without worrying about stalling and/or being in the right gear
• I like the fact that I can store most of my luggage (55 litres) under the seat – nice and low, secure, invisible and waterproof
• I like the fact that it can carry a pillion with ease and comfort without stealing any of the rider's seat space
• I like the fact that it has high and wide bars that provide good leverage in tricky conditions
• I like the fact that it is economical and only uses 20km/l regardless of the road conditions
• I like the fact that my rear tyres last for 25,000km, and not 2-3,000km like dirt tyres
• I like the fact that it has plenty of power and is comfortable cruising at 130kmh hour after hour
• I like the fact that it has alloy wheels and not spokes - I never have tio replace broken spokes, and I can run tubeless tyres which are more reliable and easier to repair if I do get a flat

Oh, it seems I'm not the only one who likes Burgmen - I had a visitor last weekend who decided the Burgie's windscreen made a great home.

However, there is a flip side and some pretty big weaknesses I have to live with

• I don’t like those small wheels, because they don’t steer as well in sand and loose gravel as large wheels and I can’t find off-road tyres in a size that fits
• I don’t like the limited suspension travel and ground clearance on rough roads
• I don’t like to have to worry about getting water in my CVT during river crossings.

All in all though, at this stage in my riding the Burgman is definitely what works best for me.


Maggy said...

Ouch.. nasty spider!
None of those here in Kalix fortunately. /Maggy

Tonkl said...

Garry, what tyres did You use on the Burgman for offroad and dirt roads?