15 November, 2010

Time for a different set of two wheels.

Yesterday was a special ride day on the Eastern Link tollway. The tollway, including tunnels were closed in aid of a charity for homeless individuals. My son Julien and I chose to ride in the recreational category - a 38km route through both tunnels - followed by a further ride home of around 15-20km.

To say my derriere and thighs were sore is a fairly strong understatement!, especially since I started running again only 2 days prior (after a 5 month hiatus) and have stretched quite a few muscles which have been allowed to otherwise remain unused.

Still it was a good opportunity to try a different (much larger) set of two wheels in preparation for my forthcoming business trip to Malaysia next week.

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Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for some time now, we great pleasure and healthy envy. However, I have not seen any recent posts: is everything OK with you ? Carlos (from Venezuela).