27 June, 2011

Riding in Langkawi Malaysia - December 2010

Well it’s really time I brought this blog up to date so that means going back 6 months

After my ride along the Birdsville track I had the opportunity to visit Malaysia for business and chose to take an extra week visiting Langkawi – a small island on the north east coast of the Malay peninsula and straddling the Thai border.

Classic old British bike in our hotel reception area.
Langkawi is a great place to ride with scooters and bikes available for rent for $4-5 per day. Kimie and I rented a small 110cc Karisma for 3 days and crisscrossed the island in every direction.

Kimie in the rider's seat.
It was very pleasant taking it slowly, riding in the tropical heat amongst the luscious vegetation and local fauna.We did manage to get caught in a tropical thunderstorm though - had to seek shelter under the nearest roof and spent almost 2 hours waiting for the sheets of water to ease off - now you know why everything is so verdant!

Friendly local fauna

Beautifully green rice paddies

Water Buffalo

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